Joe Malt

London, UK

Cambridge Computer Science graduate with experience in big data infrastructure, effective monitoring/alerting systems and backend web development.


Software Engineer

Two Sigma
London, UK

Developing tools to monitor and visualize trade execution risk.

January 2023 - present

Software Engineer

London, UK

Integrated the Apache Flink framework into Yelp's Kubernetes-based PaaS, developed custom applications for Flink, and maintained Yelp's data pipeline.

September 2019 - December 2022

Software Developer Intern, Stream Processing

San Francisco, CA

Worked on Python support within Yelp's primarily Java-based data pipeline infrastructure.

June - September 2018

Software Developer Intern, Biz National

Hamburg, Germany

Developed and maintained reporting tools used by Yelp's sales staff and larger advertising customers.

June - September 2017

Computing Officer

Churchill College JCR

Maintained the website of the Churchill College JCR (Students' Union).

February 2017 - February 2018


University of Cambridge

Computer Science

Degree class: 2.1

Final year project: a keylogger-resistant encrypting keyboard, implemented in C for Arduino, and supervised by Dr Markus Kuhn. (pdf)

2016 - 2019

King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys

A Level: 4 A* (Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics) plus AS Level German (A)

GCSE: 10 A* including English and Maths

2009 - 2016


Programming Languages
  • Python: intermediate proficiency.
  • Java: intermediate proficiency. Familiar with OOP design principles
  • C: mainly embedded development
  • PHP
Frameworks and Tools
  • Apache Flink (distributed data stream processing)
  • Kubernetes (container orchestration)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • SignalFx (infrastructure monitoring and analytics)
  • Terraform (cloud infrastructure-as-code configuration)
  • Several years of amateur experience with stage lighting and live sound
  • Basic German

Projects & Miscellaneous